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October 10 - 12, 2017

Training Seminar

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We are passionate about our business of helping agricultural producers increase their profitability by lowering production costs and optimizing crop value and yield using SumaGrow Inside products.

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Our training seminars are designed to equip our participants with the technical information and business know-how to build a successful, rewarding business selling products containing SumaGrow. We offer hands on instruction, interactive break-out groups and in-depth product training. To qualify you must:

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Our sessions fall under three distinct categories:

  1. Business: Our business sessions will walk you through the fundamentals of operating and expanding your business. Classes will cover the necessary steps to ship your products domestically and internationally, best practices for registering your products in the US and abroad, tips to successfully find and connect with potential customers, how-tos on breaking into international markets, strategies to market your products for highest impact, and much more.
  2. Technical: Experience soil like never before.These sessions will teach you the fundamentals on how SumaGrow Inside products achieve healthy, balanced soil for higher yielding crops how to confidently answer frequently asked questions, the importance of following recommended application instructions, and why the soil report is your new best friend.
  3. Advanced: If you have already attended one or more of our training seminars or are currently in agribusiness, then you qualify for our advanced training classes. These advanced classes dig deep into the biology of soil and how the biologicals in your products help balance soil health to optimize crop performance. You will learn how to understand soil reports and the underlying factors that affect the results, how to keep customers by introducing a sustainable farm management plan, and how to create customer loyalty by helping them achieve balanced soil for higher yields and lower inputs.