December 2015

Contributed by Drew Pigott, BSEI Field Services Coordinator

Once again I find myself traveling! This month to quite a different destination than last month’s South Korea trip; changes of scenery are nice right? I found myself on a plane to the warm and sunny state of Arizona to meet with producers and university professionals about SumaGrow®’s microbial technology and its ability to improve agricultural production and preservation.

Chuck Grantham, agricultural consultant for BSEI, and I had the opportunity to review an ongoing forage trial being conducted on one of the largest dairy farms in Arizona and to discuss the immediate and long term benefits of using products containing SumaGrow for forage and dairy production. Dairy is Arizona’s leading agricultural product and Arizona is ranked number twelve in the nation for milk production.

We took soil samples from the treated and untreated plots which will be analyzed, and encouraged the owners to begin taking Brix measurements (for crop quality) on the treated and untreated sugar beets and alfalfa to measure the quality increase when using SumaGrow containing products. Higher quality food crops for the dairy industry increases milk fat and producer profits.

We then visited producers in the iconic western town of Yuma, Arizona. Yuma is the winter lettuce capital of the world. Producing high value crops in these areas that typically get rainfall in the neighborhood of 4-5” annually require high levels of irrigation including flood irrigation. Producing high value and quality crops is of utmost concern for these growers. We believe that incorporating SumaGrow into their already impressive farm management program will add crop value while reducing irrigation demands.

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