January 2016

Contributed by Knox Flowers, BSEI Environmental Scientist

Well, I traveled to China and met with greenhouse producers, small and large farm operators, as well as research and development teams. China will attempt to lower its fertilizer and pesticide utilization annual growth rate by less than 1% in an ambitious goal set for 2020. We are happy to assist them in meeting these ambitious goals through products containing SumaGrow that will lower the environmental impact, increase crop quality, and rehabilitate soil and water quality.

We traveled to the Heilongjiang Province in China. This region is known as the most fertile agricultural area in China due to the volcanic based soils, which is on the forefront for their push towards sustainable agriculture. Their main goal is to reduce fertilizer inputs while maintaining yield outputs.

So much of my time was spent engaging in conversations with farmers and touring their farms to get as much information as we can about their cultivation practices in each particular farm and region.

We first met with rural greenhouse producers that were in the first stages of germinating seeds for transplantation to the field once conditions improve. Early stages of growth are carried out in hothouses that are heated by coal furnaces. I consulted with them on integrating our product in their management plan through different application methods and fertilizer reduction plans.

I look forward to assisting in their agricultural pursuit of growing higher quality crops while reducing fertilizer inputs!

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