January 2016

Contributed by Drew Pigott, BSEI Field Services Coordinator

Despite the cold weather I made the wintery voyage to Evansville, Indiana from our home office in Hattiesburg to introduce the technology of SumaGrow® to farmers in the Midwest. Indiana farmers share the same common goal as producers worldwide; how to reduce operation costs, decrease the environmental impact and grow higher quality, higher yielding crops. This is an age old question harkening back to the beginning of agriculture and one that Bio Soil Enhancers is proud to successfully address!

Indiana producers are looking for a restoration from stagnant agricultural practices that are not only no longer meeting yield expectations, but also producing lower quality crops. I was well received and great interest was shown by this diverse group of farmers on how they can increase their efficiency of fertilizer usage and maximize their yields – something we specialize in!

In closing, we would like to ask just a simple question to all producers. What do you do to maximize your fertilization efficiency and are you sure that you are getting the maximum productivity from your soil? If you are unsure then we would love for you to give products containing SumaGrow® a try and see the future of agriculture in person!

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