June 2016

Contributed by Aimee Murry, Public Relations and Marketing Communications Manager

Thank you to the Oseola McCarty Youth Development Center for inviting me to speak to your 6th- 12th graders today. What a your sharp and wonderful group of teens! I love talking ag with kids as their enthusiasm is infectious.

We discussed the challenges facing agriculture production, and how agricultural biologicals like SumaGrow will be an important tool to meet these challenges. We also discussed the many, many career opportunities opening in agriculture. I hope a seed of interest was planted for a few kiddos. Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation, and I look forward to visiting again.

The Oseola McCarty Youth Development Center serves not only at risk youth but also youth who are from single-family homes, who are being raised by grandparents, and families that need support to instill nurturing family values in a creative learning environment. In short- a lot of fun!

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