May 2017

Contributed by Ethan Currie, Field Services Coordinator

On Tuesday, May 2nd I left for the Dominican Republic to observe ongoing SumaGrow field trials on bananas, rice, chili peppers, and several varieties of citrus trees. In addition, I was there to discuss the efficacy of SumaGrow when treating these crops and answer any questions the growers may have about the product.

Aimee Murry speaking to youth at Oseola McCarty Youth Development Center

Over my four day stay, I spoke with a myriad of growers and participants in regional cooperatives. Although some of these growers had little in common in the way crop production, there was one thing that they could all agree on: SumaGrow is quickly becoming a necessary component in their management regimes for regional crop production.

In the case of rice, an increase in total tillers as well as an increase in base tiller diameter was observed. This increase implies an improved mobility of nutrients within the plant resulting in a more productive crop. I also observed healthier bananas in a region plagued with black sigatoka, healthier chili peppers in a region known for phytophthora, and more consistent growth among seedlings and saplings within a large citrus orchard.

crop results in the Dominican Republic Ethan Currie in the Dominican Republic crop results in the Dominican Republic speaker at SumaGrow Training Seminar

Every grower that I spoke with was visibly excited to be a part the SumaGrow revolution. In a land as beautiful as its people, we’re glad to have made such a positive impact on the way these producers grow food.

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